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Mirella Stychno


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What's your Vorwerk Story?

My journey with Thermomix® started with the idea of helping people eat healthier. I remember the first dish I made and how easy it was to make it. Do you know that feeling when you look at someone and you see your future together? That’s how I felt about Thermomix®! It was love at the first ‘bite’! I joined the team to get mine for free and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I discovered the most delicious food, endless recipe inspiration, and a fantastic community and people who share my passion. From day One we’ve been on a mission to tell everyone how easy it is to have Thermomix® in their kitchen. We also host many free cooking classes, meetings and events at our branch for people to attend, use Thermomix®, try the food and get their questions answered. The branch is our home and everyone is welcome! Hope to see you here!

What's your Thermomix® Top Tip?

Search Cookidoo® by ingredients you have in your fridge you'll be surprised how inspired you can get. You can also search it by a diet you’re on Keto, low-carb paleo or gluten-free it will get hundreds of delicious and healthy recipes.

Meet the Team Leaders

Anna Losinska jpg

Anna Losinska 

Location: Manchester

I love being a Thermomix® Team Leader because I can help many people change their lives. Building my team and supporting them gives me wings every single day. I feel very grateful as this career has been a great adventure.

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Ewa Dzienisiewicz jpg

Ewa Dzienisiewicz  

Location: Manchester

I love my Thermomix® for a few reasons - It changed my life, my family eating healthier, and I have more time to spend with them. I have become a fully independent woman; I meet wonderful people daily and feel like my dream has come true...

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Maria Westen

Maria Westen

Location: Altrincham, Cheshire

Having a Thermomix® in my kitchen has given me the power to cook things I never imagined I could. And I love helping others discover that empowerment within themselves.

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