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We are absolutely thrilled to share our latest campaign featuring a truly special member of our salesforce - Kerry Woodhouse from Birmingham. Kerry's story has been nothing short of inspiring and is a testament to the boundless possibilities that Thermomix® can unlock in your life. She started out as a satisfied customer, much like many of our Advisors, Team Leaders, and Branch Managers, and made the decision to join us in September 2022. Today, she stands as an integral part of our Thermomix® family, not just as an Advisor but as an embodiment of what's possible when you set your heart on something extraordinary. Kerry's journey is not just about cooking; it's about the transformative power of embracing a lifestyle that blends a love of cooking, health, and community.

Supported by her Team Leader Jadwiga Odoom, Branch Manager Audrey Singh, and Area Manager, Aneta Koniuszy, Kerry joined us in September at our Team Leader business meeting to share her feelings in person and there simply wasn't a dry eye in the room. 

Kerry's Story

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