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What is Cookidoo®

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Explore Cookidoo®

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Top 10 Benefits of Cookidoo®

1. Over 70,000 recipes to suit any lifestyle.

2. New dishes from all around the world.

3. Choose, plan and prepare perfect meals with filters, personalised shopping lists and grocery ordering (available in the UK only).

4. Sort and organise your favourite recipes and collections.

5. Be the ultimate host in every situation – whether you’re a novice cook or a master chef.

6. Easily share recipes and shopping lists with friends and family.

7. Perfect results every time with Thermomix® Guided Cooking.

8. Endless inspiration through themed pages, articles and videos to make your dishes even better.

9. Access recipes anywhere, anytime, from your phone, tablet, Thermomix® TM6, or computer.

10. Sync recipes directly to your Thermomix® TM6 or Thermomix® TM5 Cook-key.

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Scaled Recipes

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  • The perfect serving

Adapted recipe serving sizes to fit your lifestyle! Adapt your favourite receipes to whether it's just the two of you, you want to cook for the whole family, or have family and friends coming over. Available now with the latested TM6 update and Cookidoo® subscription. 

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  • A serving size you can count on

The most cooked and loved Cookidoo® recipes now come in several serving size options. These serving sizes have been expertly tested and have the Thermomix® success guarantee stamp. You no longer have to double or half recipes yourself  with any risk of failer. 

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  • One feature, two possibilities

Tested serving sizes: The most cooked and loved Cookidoo® recipes now come with multiple serving size options.

Automatically adapted serving sizes: If you’re a creative cook who can’t find the serving size you're looking for, no need to worry! Our new automatically adapted serving sizes feature uses Created Recipes to open a whole new window of possibilities, and servings! 

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Scaled Recipes on Cookidoo® 

More than you can imagine...

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Recipes for You

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  • The best recommendations for you

Cookidoo®  learns your your tastes, knows what you cook most, and suggests recipes based on your preferences.

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  • What influences the recipe recommendations?

Cookidoo® recommends inspiring recipes based on what you have cooked on your Thermomix® (TM5 or TM6) in the past. We try to keep your recommendations as relevant for you as possible, so recipes that you have cooked recently have a greater influence than those that have been cooked a long time ago.

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  • Where can I find recipe recommendations for me?

Check out the "For you" tab on the Cookidoo® page "Explore". Your personalised recipe recommendations are updated daily to inspire you and make the question "what should I cook today?" much simpler. The more you cook, the better your recommendations! If you don’t see anything there, make sure to check your consent settings as described here.

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Created Recipes

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  • Introducing Created Recipes

Go to “My Recipes” and discover Created recipes: the newest Cookidoo® feature that allows you to create, import, and modify recipes from Cookidoo®, your family cookbooks, your favourite chefs, magazines and blogs. Scroll down to learn more about Created recipes!

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  • Add your own recipes

Want to make your family's favourite BBQ ribs extra tasty and tender using sous-vide mode? Now, when cooking your Created recipes on your Thermomix® TM6, you can access the modes screen to use the modes you love. When cooking your own recipes on your TM6, simply click on the Thermomix® settings icon  in the bottom right corner of your TM6, and you will see the option to switch to the modes screen.

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Additional Features

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  • Online ingredient ordering

Available in the UK only, you can use Cookidoo®  to get all of your weekly supermatket shopping delivered straight to your door or ready for pick up. Use the Cookidoo®  shopping list feature to add all the ingredienta, and even non-food items, you need for the week ahead.

  • Collections and collaborations

Discover a wide range of exclusive collections with themed recipes and collabrations. Continuously developed by our specalist recipe developers, access new collections monthly.

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  • Bookmarks and filters

Bookmark or create your very own collections of your favourite recipes found on Cookidoo®. Use the handy filter function to search for a category of food, specific ingrients that you might want to make use of in your fridge, cooking difficulty, preparation and total cooking time, portion sizes, ratings, add your Thermomix® accessories, and set up language or country of recipe origin.

  • Start today!

Sign up for your free 30-day trial of Cookidoo®  to unlock a new world of endless cooking experiences right at your finger tips. Successful recipes guarentted. 

Annual membership: £40/€48 per year
(works out at about 77p / 93 cents per week)

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