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Kobold VK7 Cleaning System

VB100 Akku-Staubsauger Basis-Set

Introducing Kobold VK7




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  • Freedom and modularity

A diverse range of attachments and accessories for different cleaning functions that can all be interchanged quickly and easily. Ergonomic designs throughout the whole system with scratch and impact-resistant attachments that won’t leave scuff marks on your furniture.

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  • The EB7 automatic electric floor brush

Different types of hard floors and carpeting can all be cleaned thoroughly without the need to resort to a different attachment. When used in AUTO mode, the intelligent floor detection immediately recoginses the different floor type, and then instantly adjusts the vacuum level and brush speed accordingly.

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  • Anti-blockage system

The roller brushes of the EB7 automatic electric brush are automatically deactivated during vacuuming light weight carpets or carpets with fringes. This way the vacuuming will not be interrupted and stopped by blockages. As soon as the EB7 is moved from the problematic area the roller brushes will automatically be activated again.

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  • Motor/Technology

The long-life 28.8 or 29.6 V lithium-ion battery provides up to 1500 charging cycles (depending on cleaning conditions and use). With four different suction-power levels for highly efficient cleaning and a extra Performance mode. Performance mode: allows a temporary power boost for vacuuming up coarse dirt and bigger particles up to 1 cm.

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  • TÜV-tested and certified as suitable for allergy sufferers

A full range of high-quality filter bags, filters and consumables that have all been designed to work perfectly with the Kobold Modular Cleaning System. Filter bags composed of four layers with three separate filtration systems. Retaining 99.99% of allergic house dust mites and fine dust.

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Kobold VK7 Cleaning System

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Easy to use

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  • LED display

An LED display to indicate the selected power level setting, battery charge level, filter bag capacity, warnings, Bluetooth® connectivity, and water tank capacity.

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  • Connect to MyKobold App

Personalised vacuuming with pre-sets accessible through the MyKobold app with Bluetooth® connectivity. MyKobold app gives users the power to organise their cleaning routine with usage details, reports, and reminders, including when to re-order consumables. Also save personal cleaning settings for VK7 volume flow and EB7 brush speed for special floor coverings that are not included in the pre-programmed special settings.

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  • Ergonomics

VK7 is the only vacuum cleaner with a rotating handle, and has a flexible handle for above-floor cleaning. Whatever the above-floor cleaning task, the handle will rotate to a balanced position that eliminates the need for applying any twisting force to it, thereby reduing stress on your hand and wrist.

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VK7 Smart Home System

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  • 100% Recyclable

Vorwerk's commitment to sustainability doesn't just start with our 80% recyled cardboard packaging and single-colour printing. The VK7 has been designed with sustainbility on the first place.

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  • Long-life Replaceable Batteries

At the end of your VK7s battery life, rather than discarding the entire vacuum cleaner you can replace the battery.

We are committed to make sure that your product is reparable for 10 years after and to supply parts that are needed. 

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  • Sustainably designed, sustainably created

The VK7 handle is made from recyled carbon fibres. The filter bags have ben manufactured using more than 80% recyled materials such as waste from swimsuit production.

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Allergies and hygiene

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  • Suitable for allergy sufferers

Retains 99.99% of allergic house dust mites and fine dust. With smart-flap seals in filter bags that prevent dirt from spilling when removing and disposing of filter bags. A patented folding mechanism doubles the surface of the filter for effective fine dust absorption and enhances the lifetime of the filter bag.

  • TÜV-tested and certified 

The new generation of the Vorwerk filter bags, the FP7, combine several filtration levels and an odour-reducing substance. It is a very hygienic, allergy-friendly product. Despite the nominal volume of 0.8l, the filter bag allows the customer to clean carefree in a period of 8-12 weeks without coming into contact with the dust thanks to the patented folded structure that significantly enlarges the inner surface.

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Find the perfect solution with our vacuum cleaning sets

  • VK7 with EB7, SP7 and various nozzles
  • The ultimate cleaning set for all your carpet, hard floor and above the floor needs!