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Discover your passion with a Thermomix® Career

Do you like to cook? Do you enjoy having a positive impact on people's lives? Are you looking for an opportunity that fits your flexibility?

Become a Thermomix® Advisor and take your passion for food to the next level. Share your experiences with Thermomix® and turn your day-to-day activity into a professional career in a simple way. As an Advisor, your role is to introduce Thermomix® into your world. Our role is to give you all the help and information you need.

Why you should become an Advisor

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✔ Community 

If you are passionate about cooking and find joy in making a positive impact on people's lives, join a community that transforms the love for cooking into meaningful connections. Your enthusiasm for cooking can positively change your life and the lives of those around you.

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✔ Build your own business

Start a business with the support and backing of an established brand! Make lifelong connections with your customers and enjoy being your own boss!

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✔ Earning opportunity

The only investment you need is your time. Sell 4 within 90 days and earn your Thermomix® completely for FREE! Each sale you make will earn you money, and more sales means a higher income plan.

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✔ Work-life balance

Take control of your time by tailoring your work schedule to fit your life and feel confident knowing we're here to support you at every turn.

What to expect when you become an Advisor

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✔ Guidance and support

Becoming a Thermomix® Advisor means being an integral part of your closest branch, where you'll be embraced by a supportive team that provides continuous guidance and fosters a sense of community. Attend weekly branch meetings to stay connected with fellow advisors and stay informed.

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✔ Competitions & Incentives

As a Thermomix® Advisor, not only do you have the chance to earn free complimentary products, but you also get the privilege of being among the first to experience and showcase new Thermomix® products.




✔ Incentive trips & Events

Earn your place for 5-star luxury trips and exclusive Thermomix® Events. From Sicily, and Mykonos to the yearly Conference and Team Leader meetings, Thermomix® could take you to places many consider a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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✔ Gala & Diamond Dinners

Have your success recognised and celebrated during our spectacular gala and diamond dinners. Taste outstanding food and enjoy your time celebrating the success of yourself, your colleagues and our fantastic team.

Advisor Stories

Kerry's Story

Meet a truly special member of our salesforce - Kerry Woodhouse from Birmingham. Kerry's story has been nothing short of inspiring and is a testament to the boundless possibilities that Thermomix® can unlock in your life.

Staff Thermomix Career

I joined initially because I wanted the community part of it, the aspect of wanting to have friends because I`m not from the UK. Now I am a Branch Manager and we work very well together as part of a team.

Shehnaaz Desai
Thermomix® Branch Manager
Staff Connor Career Thermomix
I cannot believe that what started out as, `Can I try and earn a Thermomix?`, which then turned into having a full-on corporate career! It`s amazing!
Rhian O'Connor
Thermomix® Sales Director
Staff Zawierucha Career Thermomix
I`m not a sales person, I`m someone who loves Thermomix® and I`m just forever finding new ways of sharing the love.
Ewewlina Zawierucha
Thermomix Branch Manager
Staff Singh Career Thermomix
...The freedom of being able to run my own business... If you love meeting with people, if you want to be your own boss too, then go for it. There's nothing to lose, a lot to gain!
Audrey Singh
Thermomix® Branch Manager
Staff Potter Career Thermomix
I'm a busy mum and I wanted to find an opportunity that would work around them, something where I can be really flexible with my income.
Jenny Kemp-Potter
Thermomix® Branch Manager
Staff Wiley Career Thermomix
Vorwerk is a family-run business and it very much brings that family feel to it. Selling a Thermomix® is all about selling the passion and a love for the food.
Lucy Wiley
Senior Team Leader
Staff Costa Career Thermomix
You should join Thermomix® because you can earn extra income and also have quality time for yourself and for your family.
Kelvin Costa
Thermomix® Advisor
WEMBLEY Branch 2

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