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Aga Babuch


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What's your Vorwerk Story?

I joined Vorwerk four years ago with just the intention of earning my Thermomix® for free. I hit my goal! I got my Thermomix® for freeeeee!! But something else happened (don’t tell my boyfriend)…but I fell in love...with my Thermomix®! So much so that I wanted to share my enthusiasm for this kitchen monster with everyone. Cooking has always been my passion but this took it to another level. I was a very busy person running 2 of my own businesses, but I found the time to join the local branch. I am still a very busy woman but now I am sharing my energy and passion for Thermomix®. I am absolutely in love. Join us and you too can create your own business and join my wonderful team...or become the next of our many happy customers.

Meet the Team Leaders


Edyta Pakosz

Location: Bedford

I love my Thermomix® for helping me eat varied and healthy dishes cooked from scratch with little effort. I've been a Team Leader for the company for 4 years now and I have enjoyed helping people achieve their goals over this time.

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Ramona Aron

Location: Dunstable

I'm so glad I became Thermomix® Advisor & Team Leader, I love meeting new people, making new friends and being part of a new community. It's also a great way to earn money.

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Marie Leatherland

Location: Milton Keynes

I love being a Team Leader because I appreciate the self-development, more income and special Team Leader incentives.

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