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Flutura Bajramaj


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What's your Vorwerk Story?

My Thermomix® story started in Italy in 2017, where it was supposed to last just three months, just in time to get my Thermomix® for free. After three months, my family and I moved to the UK permanently and I saw so much potential for Thermomix® in this country that I decided to join again. Despite the initial language barriers and difficulties I am very happy that I joined because Thermomix® has grown so much in this country,  and I am growing with it.  

What's your Thermomix® Top Tip?

Rub a slice of lemon inside the mixing bowl before whisking the eggs. The citric acid will help with the whisking and will eliminate any traces of fat that may be left. 

Meet the Team Leaders


Joanna Fladro 

Location: Palmers Green

I've been a Thermomix® owner for over 14 Years. With Vorwerk for 5 years. I love Thermomix® because you can prepare healthy meals, saving time and money. I love shopping functions on Cookidoo®.

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Anna Pokorska 

Location: Southgate 

I love my Thermomix® and role of advisor because I can share my experience about this amazing gadget and meet just as amazing people.

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Tracy Woodhouse

Location: Barnet

I love my Thermomix® as it's completely changed my food world,  and I loved it so much that I decided to become an advisor and share my passion, so now it's not only changed my food world but also my world. I love the people and the community. 3 years in and still as passionate.

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Carmen Medina

Location: Islington

As a Team Leader with 10 years of experience, I'm passionate about transforming lives by promoting healthier eating, time savings, and cost-efficient cooking with Thermomix® and unlocking people's full potential.

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Inna Sidorova 

Location: Kensington

Thermomix® presents a wealth of possibilities to culinary enthusiasts of all proficiency levels, catering to novices and accomplished chefs alike. Witnessing how this appliance profoundly transforms people's lives is truly satisfying.

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