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Kobold VR300 Vacuum Robot Software update

What you will need

  • A USB stick
  • A Kobold USB adaptor (not provided with the robot, you can purchase it here)


Kobold VR300 roboter top front view

How to install the update

  1. Extract the software to a USB stick. Make sure there is only one folder on the USB stick and the folder name is “RobotData”
  2. Open the dust-bin lid of the VR300 and connect the USB stick to the robot using the connection cable
  3. See that the red flashing LEDs turn to green blinking
  4. Wait until the audio signal and see that LEDs turned back to red blinking (this can take many minutes)
  5. Unplug the USB stick and close the dust-bin lid

What version do I currently have?

To determine what version of the software you currently have on your VR300 robot vaccum cleaner, follow the step by step guide below:

  • Choose "info" in the main menu of your robot vacuum cleaner
  • Select "Revision"
  • The second line (SW ver) shows the current version