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Kobold Koboclean Universal bottle 75066

KS Koboclean 7 Universal 500ml

Gentle cleaning, powerful performance. With the Koboclean Universal cleaning concentrate, you can achieve even better results when cleaning with the Kobold SPB100 or SP600. 


Product Details

Use Koboclean Universal cleaning concentrate with the Kobold SP600 and SPB100.
You only need to add Koboclean Universal to water for optimal cleaning results. This cleaning concentrate is also very efficient: a single 500ml bottle is enough for cleaning up to 100 times!

Compatible with

kobold spb100 compatibility SPB100
kobold sp7 compatibility SP7
kobold sp600 compatibility SP600
kobold sp600 compatibility SP600
kobold sp530 compatibility SP530
kobold sp520 compatibility SP520

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What's in the box?

  • 1 x 500ml Bottle of Koboclean 7 Universal