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KS Dovina 7 Chip (x6)

Give the air a fresh scent after vacuuming! With the Dovina fragrance chips, you not only neutralise odors directly in the filter system, but also distribute a pleasant fresh scent in your home. 


Product Details

Give the air a fresh scent after vacuuming with the Dovina Fragrance Chips. Insert the fragrance chip into the bag next to the filter bag in the Kobold Upright Vacuum Cleaner and provide the room with a pleasant scent during vacuuming.

Compatible with: VT/VK Models

Compatible with

kobold vt300 compatibility VT300
kobold vk7 compatibility VK7
kobold vk200 compatibility VK200

Scope of delivery

What's in the box?

  • 6 Dovina Air Freshener Chips.