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KS Koboclean 20/21 Parquet 500ml

Use Koboclean Parquet for gently cleaning delicate surfaces such as hard wood, parquet and laminate flooring with your Vorwerk Kobold SP600, 530 or 520 Hard Floor Cleaner.


Product Details

Specially made for cleaning parquet and laminate: with Koboclean Parquet you can gently deep clean your hardwood floors. Use Koboclean Parquet with water to moisten the cleaning cloth. The Koboclean Parquet cleaning concentrate is fast drying and with one bottle you can clean up to 100 times!

Compatible with

kobold sp600 compatibility SP600
kobold sp530 compatibility SP530
kobold sp520 compatibility SP520

Scope of delivery

What's in the box?

  • 1 x 500ml Bottle of Koboclean Parquet