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Love at First Bite Weaning Set

Introducing Love at First Bite: My Weaning Journey! From the first taste of a puréed broccoli floret to the exciting challenge that a full meal packed with diverse textures and flavours presents, this weaning guide is here to guide your baby towards a happy, healthy and joyful relationship with food.

With our latest cookbook, crammed with helpful weaning advice and delicious recipes and essential equipment needed for your baby’s weaning journey, we’re here to help you raise your very own fearless foodie!  


Product Details

Our Love at First Bite cookbook has been written as a stage by stage guide to weaning- whatever kind of weaning you decide best suits your little one! Whether you opt for baby-led weaning or a spoon-fed traditional approach (or a combination of both!), the recipes in this book will delight and challenge your baby as their palette develops. 

This bundle contains all of the essential items needed to start the weaning journey, from chunky spoons to encourage self-feeding to a cute elephant bamboo plate, perfect for exploring new textures and flavours.
We hope that this book brings you and your little one endless opportunities to eat, learn and grow together. By the end of Stage 3, you should have a fearless little foodie in your family, eager to share meals with everyone at the dinner table and keen to dig into all of the delicious meals you prepare in your Thermomix®. 


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Scope of delivery

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Love at First Bite Cookbook
  • 1 x Koko Kids Elephant Bamboo Suction Plate
  • 1 x Vital Baby Nourish™ Mess Catcher Bib
  • 1 x Vital Baby Nourish™ Chunky Feeding Spoons
  • 1 x Vital Baby Nourish™ Start Weaning Spoons
  • 1 x Vital Baby Nourish™ Store & Wean Pots™


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