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Thermomix Sensor Set UK Advisor

Thermomix® Sensor is a food thermometer, but it’s also so much more than that. With Thermomix® Sensor, we are extending, for the very first time, the Thermomix® Guided Cooking experience to your oven, stovetop and grill. It’s all about knowing the precise core temperature to get the perfect texture for your cakes, breads, meats and fish.



Product Details

Thermomix® Sensor is the accessory that completes your kitchen.

Thermomix® Sensor gives you the confidence to cook both everyday meals and for special occasions, safe in the knowledge that the results will be nothing less than perfect.

What if you could tell what is happening inside your food as it cooks and be able to check if a cake is properly baked or fish is perfectly cooked? How many times have you stopped yourself from trying new recipes in fear that you won’t get it right?

Thermomix® Sensor will become your best friend because even though each food has its own cooking point, the precision of Thermomix® Sensor will help you reach perfection every time.

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