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UK TM 73530 spice jar set mood

Spice Jar Set

Do you like to make your own spices and seasoning? This 9 jar set is the perfect way to store them! Made from stainless steel, each jar has small holes in the side, allowing you to add the perfect amount of spice to your dishes!




Product Details

From spicy curry powders to flavoursome seasonings, our spice jar set is perfect for storing your herbs, spices and seasonings, whether they are shop-brought or made in your Thermomix®. Each jar has a magnetic bottom so that it secures safely onto the back of the set.
Dimension for each jar: 6x4cm

Compatible with

thermomix tm6 compatibility TM6
thermomix tm5 compatibility TM5
thermomix tm31 compatibility TM31

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What's in the box?

1x 9 Jar Spice Set