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UK TM MKG10166 cookbook sweet cover

The Sweet Cookbook

From cakes, puddings and crumbles, to cookies, brownies and muffins… if you’re in the mood for a treat, you’ll find it in our Sweet cookbook!


Product Details

A definitive collection of baked treats suitable for any occasion - from those that will serve your family for dessert or provide lunchbox options during the week, to impressive multi-tiered show-stopping cakes to serve on special occasions. We've also included some allergen-free recipes so there is something for everyone.

The beautiful introduction includes sections on the history of baking and the science behind it, we break down the varieties of icings and pastries, while providing hints and tips to successful baking. There's also a Q&A with our Recipe Development team as they help to address some common baking conundrums.

With this book you will discover some new favourites to add to your Thermomix® repertoire, and we are convinced it will be a book you come back to time and time again for all your baking inspiration.

Compatible with

thermomix tm6 compatibility TM6
thermomix tm5 compatibility TM5