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UK TM73891 vacuum pump 1

TM Vacuum Pump

The Vorwerk Vacuum Pump is a handheld, rechargeable device compatible with both the Vacuum containers and vacuum bags, designed to help make meal preparation and storage a breeze!


Product Details

By removing the air, you will be able to store fresh ingredients and cooked meals, while preserving their flavour. This pump and compatible containers are the ideal solution to better organize your meal preparations, thus enabling you to eat healthy and tasty food throughout the week.

Looking to create delicious meals using the sous vide mode? No problem! When used with the vacuum bags, the vacuum pump can help you create restaurant-quality sous-vide meals with minimal fuss!

Compatible with

thermomix tm6 compatibility TM6
thermomix tm5 compatibility TM5

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What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Vacuum Pump

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