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thermomix tm5 varoma inside shelf side view 1

Varoma Insert Tray

Varoma® Tray (middle).

When you cook in the Varoma®, the essential nutrients of your ingredients as well as their shape, colour and aroma will be beautifully preserved with no need to add any fat or oil. Water is heated at an even temperature in the mixing bowl and allows the steam to flow into the Varoma®, which yields perfect results every time. This is simple, healthy, fast food at its finest.


Product Details

Varoma® Tray is an ideal companion to multilevel cooking in your Varoma®, as you can easily arrange and steam vegetables, fish, meat and more.

Compatible with

thermomix tm5 compatibility TM5
thermomix tm31 compatibility TM31

Scope of delivery

1 x TM5/TM31 Varoma® Tray