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int kobold VK200 EB400 in use 0742 medium

VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner System

With the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, vacuuming is fun and highly efficient. The complete cleaning system of attachments for all surfaces enables outstanding results throughout the house with minimal effort.


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Effortless Cleaning

int kobold VK200 HD60 in use 0603 medium
  • Extremely manoeuvrable

Vacuuming has never been more precise thanks to the swivel/pivot joint. Give it a whirl!

int kobold VK200 EB400 in use 0742 medium
  • Flat design


Kobold EB400 reaches the most difficult spots, ideal for vacuuming under furniture.

int kobold VK200 EB400 advisor 2826 medium
  • Fully automated floor detection


Revolutionary sensors recognise the floor type and automatically activate the optimal settings.

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  • Easy filter bag change


The LED indicator informs you when you need to change the filter bag. Simply open the flap, remove the old filter bag and insert the new one.

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Form follows function

int kobold VK200 EB400 in use 1811 medium
  • Adjustable for greater comfort


With its adjustable telescopic handle, the Kobold VK200 offers a comfortable application for young or old and makes housework child's play.

int kobold VK200 EB400 in use 0742 medium
  • Back Friendly


People with back problems benefit from the VK200’s lightweight, extreme maneuverability and extendable grip. Conveniently located on the handle grip, the main power switch is right where you need it to be ensuring that vaccuming is less physically demanding.

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int kobold VK200 MP440 in use 3023 medium

Ideal for Allergy Sufferers

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  • Fresher air


The deep cleaning of your floors and furniture with the Kobold VK200 improves the air quality thanks to TÜV-certified premium filter bags and directly influences the well-being of allergy sufferers.

bg img l filter level indicator
  • 99.99% effectiveness


99% of all particles, such as allergens, are collected by the new Kobold FP200 Premium filter bag.

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Check out the attachments for the VK200 Vacuum Cleaner



Take it a step further with the MyKobold app

Want to maximize your cleaning performance? The new MyKobold app provides product maintenance and support, outstanding customer service and essential product information. What’s more, all of the Kobold Robot app features are integrated into the MyKobold app for you to use: spot cleaning, remote usage, cleaning schedule and much more. This makes it easier than ever to program your robot and get cleaning. Download the app here!

Can we help you?


Approx. 3 kg (without accessories)


High-grade recyclable thermoformed plastic


Maintenance-free reluctance motor with ball bearings and electronic performance control at a nominal rotation speed of 60,000 RPM 


Single-stage radial fan


220–240 volts alternating current 50/60 Hertz

Nominal output:

700 watts

Radius of action

Min. 7 m according to IEC 60312-1

Max. underpressure

160 hPa (according to DIN EN 60312-1 / at 700 watts)

Max. air quantity

44.5 l/s (according to DIN EN 60312-1 / at 700 watts)

Max. suction power

280 watts with clean filter (according to DIN EN 60312-1/at 700 watts)

Max. degree of efficiency

40% (according to DIN EN 60312-1 / at 700 watts)

Filterbag volume

2.2 l in accordance with IEC 60312-1

Dimensions height

approx. 15 cm; width approx. 21 cm; length approx. 85/109 cm

Dust emission

Approx. 0.001 mg/m3 in accordance with EN 60312

Noise emission

78 dB(A) re 1 pW sound power level with Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush according to EN 60704-2-1

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The power cord may not be properly engaged in the Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Ensure that the power cord is inserted correctly

During initial set up the telescopic handle may not have been mounted correctly and so the electrical connection cannot be made between the power cord and device.

  • Pull out the mains plug.
  • Extend the handle again up to the stop and allow it to lock into place,

The device is already in use: Possibly the device has overheated.

  • Pull out the mains plug.
  • Let the device cool down and try again.

If the fault still continues to occur:

  • Contact the Vorwerk customer service

Possibly the bands of the filter bag have not been severed.

  • Open the filter cover and check whether the bands have been cut by the closure of the filter cover. If not, cut the bands by hand and close the cover again.

It is possible you have bumped against the opened cover. Reinsert the cover:

  • Set the filter cover onto the hinges of the device.
  • Push the filter cover of the filter unit shut until the cover latch engages. If this is not possible, or if force would be required, check if the filterbag is correctly inserted.

The 3in1 Premium Filterbag FP200 has lost its ability to retain odours even though it is not full.

  • Exchange the 3in1 Premium Filterbag and insert a new Dovina fragrance chip.
  • Thoroughly clean the suction channel of the Upright Vacuum Cleaner and/or the connected device as well as the motor protection filter.
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