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int kobold VK200 SP600 in use 4554 medium

Vacuum and Mop SP600 Cleaning Head

Simultaneously mopping and vacuuming, it has never been easier to clean all your hard floors with the 2-in-1 SP600!

Introducing the Kobold SP600

Highlights of the SP600

vorwerk kobold sp600

High-performance cleaning

vorwerk kobold sp600 woman
  • Brilliant performance

Look forward to high-gloss tile and laminate floors and evenly polished wooden floors.

int kobold VK200 SP600 in use 2093 medium
  • Efficient manoeuvring

Like all Kobold attachments for floor cleaning, this one also has a swivel/tilt joint for maximum mobility. So you can easily drive around obstacles and also clean under furniture.

int kobold VK200 SP600 in use 1059 medium
  • One-button operation

Via the function button next to the main switch on the handle of the vacuum cleaner, you can click through all 3 humidification levels and the option for one-time humidification at the push of a button.

int kobold VK200 SP600 in use 4563 medium
  • LED display

A quick look at the LED display shows the current humidification level.

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vorwerk kobold sp600 upright

Easy to use

vorwerk kobold vk200 sp600
  • Short preparation time


Simply fill the small tank with cleaning solution and water and attach a new cleaning cloth.

int kobold VK200 SP600 advisor 4374 medium
  • An intelligent suction-wiping system


Far more convenient than conventional cleaning with a bucket and mop: By automatically dispensing water and cleaning solution on the floor, you can clean effortlessly via a vibrating cleaning cloth.

vorwerk kobold sp600 advisor
  • A fresh cloth in no time at all


Changing the cloth is uncomplicated. Simply slide the cloth onto the cloth carrier plate and then place it on the floor with the cloth facing down to attach it. All cleaning cloths are machine washable at 60°.

int kobold VK200 SP600 in use 4563 medium
  • LED display


A quick look at the LED display shows the current humidification level.

int kobold VK200 SP600 in use 3779 medium
  • Easy to stop and start


If you want to pause the cleaning briefly, simply place the vacuum upright in the parking position. It then switches off automatically. To restart, tilt the device backwards to loosen the parking position.

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int kobold VK200 SP600 in use 4813 medium

Intelligent use of water

vorwerk kobold sp600 product
  • Conservation


With your Kobold SP600 you not only achieve better results in half the time than with the conventional mop/bucket method, you also consume 50 times less water.

vorwerk kobold sp600 dirt
  • Small tank


260 ml of water is enough to clean a complete floor (up to 60 m² area).

int kobold VK200 SP600 advisor 4020 medium
  • Water regulation


Choose from three different levels of humidification (low, medium, high). The optimal amount of water is constantly released during cleaning without leaving excess water behind.

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What's in the box?


  • Kobold SP600 Vacuum and Mop head
  • 3x  MF600 Universal Cloths
  • Koboclean Universal 500ml

Frequently asked questions

The Kobold SP600 is compatible with both the Kobold VK200 handheld vacuum cleaner and the Kobold VT300 vacuum cleaner and can be used in its full range of services. With the previous Kobold vacuum cleaner models, it can be used in predefined humidity mode or in dry mode.

No, the Kobold SP600 is not suitable for vaccuming up liquids. The secondary air flap and humidity sensor on the Kobold SP600 ensure that no moisture enters the Kobold cleaning system.

The three LED shafts indicate the selected humidification level.

Green indicates the different levels of humidification, whereby humidification level 1 is marked with a green luminous wave, humidification level 2 with two green waves and humidification level 3 with three green glowing waves. As an indication of an empty tank, all LED waves on the SP600 glow orange. The SP600 is also designed to warn the user when water has been sucked up. Then the LED shafts flash red, the secondary air flap opens and the vacuum cleaner turns off automatically. Should such a case occur, you will find important information in the supplied instructions for use.

Thanks to its modern design and flat construction, it also allows cleaning under furniture.

The foot switch allows convenient ejection of the carrier plate, so that an easy replacement of the cloth is possible.

Yes, the Kobold SP600 comes with an integrated tank. This holds about 260 millilitres of liquid and can be removed for easy filling.

Only our very productive cleaners Koboclean are suitable as cleaning agents. These are available in two different versions, one the Koboclean Universal Cleaner and the Koboclean Parquet Cleaner. Koboclean Universal Cleaner is suitable for almost all types of hard flooring. Parquet floors require particularly gentle cleaning, here Koboclean parquet cleaner is recommended, which gently cleans the sensitive floors.

There is the optimal cloth for every hard floor: Kobold MF600 Universal for hard floors of almost all kinds, Kobold MF600 parquet for the particularly gentle cleaning of sensitive parquet floors. In addition, Kobold MF600 Universal Soft is used to clean open-pored as well as very smooth, difficult to clean or dark floors. Kobold MF600 Dry is especially suitable for dry cleaning and cleaning of unsealed wooden floors/cork.

The Kobold MF600 cleaning cloths are easy to attach to the cloth carrier plate with Velcro and can therefore be changed quickly and easily. The replacement is carried out by pressing a foot switch. This ejects the cloth carrier plate so that the cloth can be removed and replaced. The carrier plate can then be picked up again by the Kobold SP600.

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