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VK7 Ultimate Set

The ultimate cleaning set for all your carpet, hard floor and above the floor needs! The SP7 ensures a flawless, streak-free finish whilst the various nozzles, shoulder strap and telescopic tube makes above the floor cleaning a breeze!


Product Details

Looking for a way to save time whilst cleaning? The SP7 simultaneously mops and vacuums, doing 2 jobs in one! With automatic cloth moistening and LED display to indicate the moisture-level setting it has never been easier to clean all your hard floors, whilst ensuring a low water consumption. Paired with the Universal cloths and Koboclean solution, your cleaning will be done in no time at all!

TR7 Telescopic Tube
For those high up places that you need to clean, the Kobold TR7 Telescope Tube is ideal for extra height when cleaning without needing a ladder.

SG7 Shoulder Strap
The SG7 Shoulder Strap clips onto your VK7 main body, enabling you to wear it over your shoulder, giving you freedom to lift cushions, draw back curtains or shift chairs whilst cleaning.

The AC7 set, contains a selection of nozzles for optimal cleaning results:

SP7 Extendable Suction Hose
For effortless cleaning in hard to reach areas, this hose allows your accessories to be attached to your VK7. Its flexible material ensure that it can be extended up to 3 times it's compressed length for added convenience.

VD7 Variable Nozzle Set
This 3-piece set comprises of a variable nozzle, drillling attachment and crevice brush. The variable nozzle has a flexible tip for those hard to reach spots, the crevice brush is perfect for vacuuming skirting boards and bookshelves, whilst the drilling attachment allows you to collect brick and drill dust as you go about your DIY tasks.

FD7 Surface Nozzle
The soft bristles on this all-purpose nozzle make it ideal for gentle cleaning and dusting of delicate surfaces. This super suction duster works extremely well in car cockpits, on computer or piano keyboards, lamps or extraction hoods.

Compatible with

kobold vk7 compatibility VK7
kobold tr7 compatibility TR7
kobold sp7 compatibility SP7
kobold fd7 compatibility FD7
kobold eb7 compatibility EB7

Scope of delivery

What's in the box?

  • 1 x VK7 (1 x VK7 Body, 1 x EB7 Electric Floor Brush and 1 x BY7 Battery)
  • 1 x SC7 Charger
  • 6 x FP7 Filter Bags
  • 1 x SP7 Wet & Dry Attachment
  • 3 x MK607 Universal Cleaning Cloths
  • 1 x 500ml Koboclean Bottle
  • 1 x TR7 Telescopic Tube
  • 1 x SG7 Shoulder Strap
  • 1 x AC7 Accessory Set
  • 1 x Manual & Quick Start Guide