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The ultimate cleaning set for all your carpet, hard floor and above the floor needs! The SP7 ensures a flawless, streak-free finish whilst the various nozzles, shoulder strap and telescopic tube makes above the floor cleaning a breeze!
Compatible with: VK7, TR7, SP7, FD7, EB7
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Say hello to our latest cleaning system, the VK7! Compact and lightweight, the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, paired with the EB7 electric floor brush provides a superior cleaning performance on both hard floors and carpets.
Compatible with: VK7, EB7
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Clean hard floors streak-free in an instant with the new 2-in-1 wet & dry cleaning attachment.
Compatible with: VK7, SP7, EB7
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From pet hairs on sofas and crumbs in the car to fine dust particles and dust mites in a mattress, this set has all of the heads and attachments you need for a thorough clean!
Compatible with: VK7, PB7, MP/MR7, EB7
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Compact and lightweight, the Kobold VG100 window cleaner wets the window, removes dirt and sucks away water in one single step.
Compatible with: MF
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